Hey! Let's build something great together.

Midlife Leap is a travel and lifestyle community. We are always looking for different ways to collaborate, engage, and hopefully learn something new along the way.

So here are a couple ways we can work together and if you have any ideas, don't be shy.

Socially: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? We got you covered. If your brand is travel related or just really awesome and you think we would love it, well we would love to tell our friends all about it! Let's spread the love.

Free Stuff: You know what we love more than receiving gifts? Giving them! We would love to review your product and give our readers a chance to win your gear. Doesn't that sound fun?

Sponsored Content: Have a brand or product you want featured? No problem. Send us an article (or have us write one for you) and we will feature it on Midlife Leap.

Community: Are you inspired by travel? Do you have that "go-to" email you send around to your friends and family when they are visiting a city you love? Why not build one of our days and have it featured on our site? We know we would love to have you!

Let's Meet Up: Hey guys! Invite us along. We are always up for hire or a free place to stay and in return, we can showcase our awesome experience with our professional videos, photographs, and a blog post. 

Apartment Rental: We often travel and offer up our Parisian apartment for a small fee for anyone looking to stay!

Trip Concierge Service: Let us help you plan your trip! For a small fee, we will help you plan your trip based on our travel experiences.

We love meeting like minded people and really look forward to working together!