Santa Justa Lift

60 Rua do Comércio, Lisboa, 1100, Portugal

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Forget taking the metro, ubers, and buses. Lisbon has another means of travel to help navigate through “The City of Seven Hills.” Elevators! Originally built as a mode of transportation, Lisbon really took navigating between the Baixa district and the much higher Largo do Carmo neighborhood to the next level. Literally. Today, the Santa Justa Lift, also known as the Carmo Lift, has become one of Lisbon’s greatest tourist attractions and sitting at 147 ft tall, it boasts one of the top views in Lisbon.

A couple fun facts about the Santa Justa lift. It’s the only vertical elevator operational in Lisbon (Elevator da Gloria and Elevator da Bica are funicular railways). This neo-gothic elevator might remind you of another very famous tower in a big european city. Any guesses? Here’s a hint, the engineer who built the Santa Justa Lift was a former student of Gustave Eiffel. The original elevator was powered by a steam engine but was later converted to a much cleaner and safer electrical motor which is still used today.

(Pst. The answer is The Eiffel Tower in Paris)

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