A Padaria Portuguesa

A Padaria Portuguesas (many locations), Lisbon, Portugal

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A Padaria Portuguesas are like the Starbucks of pastelarias. It's nearly impossible to walk two blocks without passing a few.

The egg tarts here are good. The only drawback was we felt there wasn’t enough filling to pastry ratio. There wasn’t anything particularly special except for the fact that seriously, they are ALL delicious. Truly, while this article is based on how we rank these egg tarts, it’s like comparing the best chocolate chip cookie you have ever had to the best brownie you have ever had. (And if you are going to try and tell me you don’t like chocolate, well…I don’t really have anything to say to that.)

Anyway, A Padaria Portuguese comes in at number 4 because of convenience, a cute ambiance, and lastly (going a little rogue here) it also has the second best pastry in Lisbon and they do an amazing job: Pão de Deus (God’s Bread. Yep. It’s so good, it’s named after God). It’s the best brioche bun you have ever had with an incredible sweet and creamy coconut topping that is lightly toasted on top. I realized after typing that out, it doesn’t sound so “out of this world,” but trust me, it is! And at A Padaria Portuguesa you can enjoy egg tarts and God’s bread (and maybe an insulin shot while you’re at it) in one place. Boom!

PS. Don't forget to grab a ticket number! It's like a meat counter at the grocery store, but for delicious treats instead.

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