Lulu White Drinking Club

12 Rue Frochot, Paris, France

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Okay so while no one in Paris would actually speak those words (and technically this is in Pigalle and not Montmartre), but the folks at Lulu White Drinking Club might. Why do you ask? Well, the infamous Madame of New Orlean’s Storyville is none other than Lulu White. This tale of two cities brings together the end of the century Pigalle with the lure and lust of New Orleans under one roof, an old brothel roof to be exact. 

The team that brought you The Little Red Door now welcomes you to the Lulu White Drinking Club. Their beautifully crafted cocktail list is just one reason to let the desires of Lulu White draw you in. The music (of which they have the live kind on Tuesday evenings), the bartenders, and a chance to let your vices tempt you through the evening is the best night cap to this day that took us back to a time when artist roamed the hills of Montmartre, and absinthe was consumed on a regular basis. 

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