Lion's Head Mountain

Lions Head Path, Cape Town, South Africa

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There are no shortage of hikes around Cape Town, but our favorite hike, hands down, is Lion's Head. Now this is where your picnic essentials come in handy.

The hike is pretty easy until you start climbing the summit where you will find a variety of chains and ladders to help you up a particular steep section of rocks. If you don't feel safe, continue on the path that goes around the climb, there are signs to help direct you.

Lion's Head is popular for a reason, the view from the top will not disappoint, so be prepared to share this wonderful gift from The Mother City with a lot of locals and tourist.

Our suggestion? Head out at least two and half hours before sunset. Pack a bag with your wine, cheese and charcuteries, a cutting board, knife, napkins (if you are nuts like me), and a portable speaker if you have one (it just adds to the ambiance). Oh yeah, and don't forget water and a head lamp! 

Take your time winding your way to the top, stopping along the way to breathe in the cool sea air and the stunning scenery. Once you have reached the summit, and your mind finally grasps the beauty surrounding you, go ahead and take your pictures...we know you have them. The yoga pose? The dare devil shot? Or the always popular, gazing out into the great unknown (we aren't making fun...we take ALL of those pictures!).

Once you feel satisfied with all your insta-worthy shots, start making your way back down, before the sun has completely set. Find a cosy spot overlooking Camps Bay (see below) and set up your picnic. Pick your favorite Spotify playlist (we like this one), and enjoy the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean without the crowds. It really is a magical experience!

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