Forodhani Gardens

Forodhani Gardens, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Ahhh yes. Dinner time. My second most favorite time of the day. The night market at Forodhani Gardens takes place every evening from 6-9pm. Tables overflowing with delicious Zanzibar fare such as Zanzibar pizza (taste nothing like pizza but it’s delicious, we promise), fresh seafood, and every type of meat on a stick you could dream of. Take a stroll around and get acclimated before hitting up the stalls that called out to you and wash it all down with some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice (no alcohol here guys). Our tip here is to stick to the busy stalls, it helps ensure the freshness of the seafood and meat, and confirm the price before you purchase! We unfortunately learned the hard way. And of course, bon appetit! 

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