Darajani Market

Darajani Market Street, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Yes there will crowds of people, tons of different smells (both good and bad), and you may see a few strange sights, but one thing you can be sure of (other than being approached several times to purchase “The Best African Music” CD, featuring Jambo Jambo of course), is that you will have a wonderful, unique experience visiting the bustling Darajani Market (and you will be happy you had that second cup of coffee at Zanzibar Coffee House). More than just a market to sell goods, Darajani Market is a local gathering place on Zanzibar island. The stalls spill out into the streets, the colors are as vibrant as ever, and the atmosphere will definitely take you to “A Whole New World.” (really, I think I have a problem). As always, ask before taking a photo, really it just makes everyone happier :)

Pst. If you feel up for it, make your way north to see The Old Dispensary after visiting the market!

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