Kigali Convention Center

KG 2 Roundabout, Kigali, Rwanda

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I know, I know, walking around the Convention Center in Kigali doesn’t sound like a fun activity, but the Convention Center here is more than just a pretty building, It stands to represent a promise for the future (plus it has a couple rewards to show off as well). Also, there is a great gelato spot next door so head over to Delizia Italiana and grab a cup (or in my case a cone) of creamy Italian gelato and let's take a stroll around the circle!

The shape was inspired by the King’s bee hive-shaped residence, with the spiral motif representing the classic Rwandan baskets. Keeping In line with Rwanda’s focus on sustainability, the convention center serves as a role model for sustainable development, with a special coating on the windows to regulate temperature, and the use of “gray water” for irrigation. Finally, the convention center’s dome was purposefully made transparent to represent openness enforcing the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy this building, not just the elite. How's that for a convention center?!

This photo of Kigali Convention Center is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This photo of Kigali Convention Center is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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