He was brand new, white and pristine. He was trustworthy. He responded when we called for him. He even had that new car smell. He was Falcor, our trusty steed, our Hyundai i10 and we knew when we met him that many memories would be made, and we couldn’t wait!

After a couple relaxing (drunk) nights in South Africa's beautiful wine country, we loaded up Falcor and hit the road. We didn’t have any sort of plan for the Garden Route aside from ending in Port Elizabeth before heading out to the Wild Coast via the Baz Bus (more on that later). We had a physical map, Falcor, plenty of car snacks, and the open road (I can’t tell you how many times the phrase, “just us and the open road” was said during those two weeks but definitely drinking game worthy!). We stayed along the N2 for most of the time with the exception of a small detour up historic Route 62.


Untouched beauty down the N2

Arriving into Swellendam

Our daily activities pretty much consisted of driving, finding a destination on the map, deciding if we wanted to stay there (usually based on whether or not I approved of the dining options), and finding a guesthouse. We had the best time, even when Brian played I Want it That Way on repeat (payback was listening to the Rent soundtrack... twice. Sarah, Brian was no match to our Light My Candle duet, but he tried).

We drove through unreal landscapes and stayed on a mountain top guest house in the Dutch town of Swellendam.


Went whale watching in Hermanus and were completely blown away at the number of whales. 

Hermanus! I swear there were tons of whales!

Ronnie's Sex Shop

Visited the Ostrich capital of the world in Outdshoorn and visited the famous Ronnie's Sex Shop on Route 62.  Ronnie's is a world famous pit stop on this route.  Turns out Ronnie's Sex Shop is probably not what you're thinking but is famous mainly because he had some fabulous friends who thought it would be funny to vandalize the word sex on his store, and it stuck! (probably quadrupling his business in the process :) ).

I feel like I'm on a Coke commercial

Ronnie would be proud


Hiked to a beautiful waterfall in Wildnerness.

The "Map of Africa" in the background. Kind of hard to see but a beautiful view point if you are in Wildnerness


Met some great friends (and their impressive overlander, Ivy) in Knysna.

Vera, Bert, & Ivy, their overlander

The Heads is Knysna

Group shot!

Storm's River Mouth Rest

Spent two epic nights in a log cabin in the Tsitsikamma National Park at Storm's River Mouth Rest where we took one of the best hikes of our lives during an insane storm, walked across a suspension bridge, and watched dolphins riding waves outside the front porch while enjoying a home cooked meal and of course, a bottle of wine.  Again, a big shoutout to Colin and Annelise from Le Petit Paris in Franshoek for recommending this stop, it was definitely a highlight!

Log cabins in the background

Storms a brewin'

Harder than it looks!

Seriously, this hike was intense

and freezing!

But so worth it!

Jeffery's Bay

We watched, with jaw dropping disbelief as the surfers braved the massive waves in Jeffery's Bay and finally ended in Port Elizabeth. We said goodbye to Falcor, and stayed at what really felt like a guest house run by our grandparents who sent us off on the Baz Bus with great advice, the warmest hugs, a packed breakfast, AND lunch for the day. The garden route was unforgettable. Once we get our act together and have time to focus on the blog, we will include our exact route and some personalized guides. Some day...

Next on the blog, the Wild Coast!